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Uncommon Scents


DIY and Handmade Room and Linen Sprays. Do they pay off? Is it a good substitute for commercial brands?

With so many new products and people learning to make their own linen spray, lotions and room sprays it’s hard to pinpoint one brand. It’s hard to chose which is better for the money or truer to its scent just looking at pictures of a candle with a stick saying it’s lavender eucalyptus aroma therapy.

If there is one thing I have observed trying to find the right room spray for my bedroom is stick to basic scents unless you know the maker very well and have ordered that complex scent before. It’s always safe to do for single component scents like just lavender, freesia, strawberry, watermelon, any other fruit or floral scent by itself. It’s easier to layer single notes with what you already have in case it’s not what you’re looking for rather than complex ones.

Do not hesitate to ask for samples, if they can’t give you any move on to the next seller. Like I said there is so many to chose from, they should know better. Most of the time it isn’t a problem to request for specific samples. And most of the time they include samples of other products they have , they think you would be interested in based on your order.

So, do they pay off? I sure think so. I’ve tried and tested a couple artisans from eBay and it led me to discover Valerie’s Uncommon Scents. I have tried her dry oil spray in Gingerbread and it smells amazingly clean and true. Two ounces will last you because the scent is rich that you only need to spray once if on yourself, twice if in a car or closet and a couple of more times to freshen your linen or a room. I have used it on my body, and it is pretty much a dry oil as it dissipates after application. I have used it on my hair, just a squirt from 2 feet away from your hair turned upside down. Most of all I rely on this product after cooking and frying garlic and onions. It’s a good neutralizer. I don’t know yet if it has something to do with the particular scent but it’s a good product worth trying out.

Is it a good substitute? That’s all in preference. Personally I think it is a good substitute for many reasons: I don’t like using aerosol products, I don’t like using products with harsh chemicals or may burn my skin or ruin my clothes, I like freshly made and natural (even if I have to replace within a reasonable amount of time), while looking for vegan, natural and handmade products I learn new things and discover some very talented people.