Pretty Water, DIY Spa Water


Pretty water is spa water. Drinkable Spa water is water enhanced and enriched with healthy, fresh and natural ingredients. Spa water will have enough sweetness without using artificial sugars or sucrose. It will be pleasant to look at without any artificial colorings or dyes. It will refresh and energize without caffeine or other synthetic chemicals.

Here’s an easy flavored water recipe that’s natural, appealing to the eye and has room for personalization.

Bellow are the ingredients you may need and some quick optional ideas.

pitcher full of drinking water (distilled water preferred)

half a cucumber sliced (sliced into thinner pieces)

sliced lemon wedge, lime or oranges

a couple of sprigs of mint

The key is not to make lemonade, spa water should still taste like water with a very subtle hint of flavors based on the ingredients you have added. The cucumber will give it body, a fresh taste as well as some sweetness. The citrus will give it a kick. When you taste the citrus you know you are not only getting your dose of vitamin C but you are also getting a natural energy drink.

Put the cucumber slices, mint sprigs and citrus wedges in the pitcher of water, cover and chill overnight to get the full benefits of the ingredients.

If you wanted to color coordinate you can just add the slices of lime and the mint for an all green eye soothing drink. Or to add contrast add the lemon or oranges. Or you may add the oranges for more flavor, to give it a little bit more sweetness, lemons for a kick, or maybe just add the mint for an extra cooling feel.

So many possibilities with such simple and easy to get ingredients. Be creative and inspired. Enjoy!

spa cucumber water

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